Monday, September 26, 2011

Recognizing and Dealing with Passive-Aggressive

The goal of this book is to raise the awareness of employees who work for passive-aggressive men and women so that they can begin to understand the dynamics of a passive-aggressive work environment. Passive-aggressive behavior in bosses is presented and discussed, and views of work and the workplace that are held by employees who suffer at the hands of passive-aggressive bosses are also described.

Real-life stories from the front are presented--employees who have experienced passive-aggressive behavior from bosses during many years of working, and the actual problems associated with working for passive-aggressive individuals and how to deal with them are discussed.

There are a number of books available that deal with passive-aggressive behavior in a general context, but very few that describe how a passive-aggressive work environment affects its employees, or more precisely, how passive-aggressive leadership affects employees.

Source: Welcome to the Stepfamily Zone - Blindsided--Recognizing and Dealing with Passive-Aggressive Leadership in the Workplace, 2nd edition

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